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Human activity is futile but it need not be trivial. Athletic competitions are trivial.

"In High Gondwanaland"

emit garret tatter
ragtime · i'm a devout
choleric · kiaugh filter
cobbled out of baubles
corpuscular philosophy
and maenad reboot
lunrycukla bedysla te
makfa simsa sonralkamni

from this vantage
in the blitz
in the blitz margins
felspathic mentat
the hanging space heaters
in the temporary portable classroom
make a roar · but little heat
church incense
hidden folded in the icy air
fountain crackling
cerulean sky & deep shadows
the dead grass frosted
kid falls from a bus
potted bare saplings in the morning sun
in unison · glowing
burning log
and amber glow
missionary imposition
to hear my car breaking apart
pink Hello Kitty backpack
on the sidewalk
old man in urban camo
poring over the secondhand records
the shadowed canyons Downtown
and with the tops of the towers in light
monstrum monstruosum per monstrum monstruosiorem

the darkening ecliptic
the davening chull

Lakewood. Aranjuez. Mutability.
Blue otchkies. Cessnas crashing.
Utterly. And bitterly.
Cobalt green. Crashsound regnant.
Plywood-windowed storefronts.
Siren from where. Utterly.

the city melts like spun sugar

Adagio. Islands of adagio.
Relict snow. 51 Pegasi c.

Freud--the film.

Music from the Golden Triangle. Also.

The Crystal Text.

Transit of HD 80606b.

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"Luge Snuff Video"

siege singe repose at
once starless cold · construction interval culls
skua spork squeak
in the long rays of morning

sphinx made of snow
and Tvashtar fountain

suns, huts, attacks and the striking teeth
like enthalpy i hold fast
into the hellbox
i can has Armageddon · felspathic glint
skelp · a sunny epimenidean blurb
like a vivid bronze
ship, ship, how · very sorry

tatters hap
into the corkscrew wind of a down


shadow built into the floor
drabgossipy pearl

klicalob proplyds

cold for so long
and nights long to contemplate
defunctive musics

the fingerless askesis
the tatters that sing

A thread in which i am valuably corrected.

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"In medieval times, Central Asia had been known by such regional designations as Mavaraannahr, or Transoxiana..." --Subtelny, op cit

corridor of vague trees
street on singe thrill blind
huge branches the weight
creeping maniac song
of snow pulled down
dismember had as
now bare & dry
intercourse dragon cut
angels from the days to come
to vicious abandoned
with that particular Willy Pete
cryptic golem pyrrhic
dark matter
dark energy
dark knowledge
thrust creeping pawn
the Bridge to Celsclan

as snow
becomes the memory of snow
will become the memory
of America
through purgatory go
a red glow at night
vats fruits barf
in which all dreams once seemed possible
slide the wrong desert
until betrayed

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freezing fog thus fosters
dulabul, morning star,
gwome of white discarding
klicalob spar

stark wipe
such fester
freezing fog high
ankle deep & the spun class muttapa
muddawa waylaid
by old snow

soldiers of desire

it tore
without making a sound

Keeler on Twitter. (via Ebert via Silliman)

For Millie Niss. (ditto)


"And prove the stealthy, coiled morass" --C A Smith

"Ode to the DSM-5"

perse gloomth festers
my tree stays tree

crystal do them desert

indigo zombies
the hunger for apocalypse

stopgap indenture

four ambulances and a fire truck
the next storm

the Jebwinni's glob
i walk on gilded Slurpees

I knew someone would write a decent paradelle one day.

On looking for a map of Baghdad.


"In stillness of the santal-pillared woods" --C A Smith

"Forms of Surveillance"

overkill with oodoolay
past avarice of Ubar

i outrun the last gazelle
but not spiritual slavery

this is the kind of long rain
that dissolves even my poems

why should a kamikaze
put duct tape across his mouth?

"...both Uzbeks and Tajiks laid claim to the tenth-eleventh century philosopher Ibn Sina (Avicenna), even though the vast majority of his works were written in Arabic--the Uzbeks on the grounds that he had been born near Bukhara in present-day Uzbekistan, and the Tajiks because of Iranian (probably Soghdian) origin." --Maria Eva Subtelny, in: Central Asia in Historical Perspective (1994)

Dave Pollard prepares for civilization's end.


"Eating Fast Food Mexican in the Car"

tactics in the endgame
tcati ritli
in the shroud of an endless rain

three kinds of TV
it's not like you're really stranded
as the blogs that you count on fold
their tents & steal away

woke up with five cats
i remember: questions of faith
and a lure flashing

customers talk
cats're marking you
as their own

has the rain stopped? no
the best we can do
is erase it here

i wish i had time
for another
in this Sogdian looth

where puddle touches puddle & the Empire
in decline is enough

from the cosmos berserk

"...there's a nice Portuguese word meaning to make the most of or take advantage--aproveitar...another nice human verb that English needs [is]--when you want to get out of an engagement, or dis-invite yourself--desmarcar." --Bishop, op cit

SPK & Systemic.


"The Man Who Loved Cat Scratch Fever"

car keeps dying off
did i warm it up enough?

pewter sky
looking out for a gas station

drizzle becomes furious
as i'm standing there

hope this does the trick

a road called Stonehenge

"I think of him [Randall Jarrell] as a fencer who has defeated and scarred all his opponents so that the sport has come to be almost abandoned, and Randall stands leaning on his foil, one shoulder a little lower than the other, unchallenged, invulnerable, deadly, salt marsh and deserted tennis court stretching below him." --Lowell, ibid

Nancarrow thread on Metafilter with, as always, some curious links.

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